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Port Harcourt Serial Killer, MC Oluomo in UNILAG & #EkoMustMove Here’s What Went Down this Week



We’ve had a quiet week, haven’t we? No noise, no wahala, no nothing. Everyone was just mellow, drinking water and minding their business. Still, mellow and minding business doesn’t mean people didn’t move mad small. So let’s get right into it!
Majek Fashek Very Much Alive
Where were we on Monday morning when news arrived that So Long singer had passed. It was everywhere and the case of how it started was like the case of the chicken and the egg—did the radio stations see the news on social media, or did social media users hear it on the radio? Anyway, as soon as the news spread, was also the news that, Ah, Majek Fashek no die oo. No use rumour kill am, beg. And now, we’ve heard new rumours that billionaire Femi Otedola has settled his medical bills. We await confirmation.

The Port Harcourt Serial Killer
Have you heard about the Port Harcourt serial killer? At least ten women have lost their lives at his/her hands. The MO is that a white cloth is tied around the necks and bodies of their victims.
The police has arrested a suspect, and videos of him speaking and a photo of him eating has been shared on social media. Let’s hope he’s guilty, and the real killer still isn’t out there.

Drake’s Nigerian Fan
Drake’s biggest fan is Nigerian, and the rapper’s flying him out to his show! If you go through the fan’s Instagram page, you’ll find videos and videos of the fan rapping along to Drake. To stan that hard!

Spare the Rod, Spoil the South African Child
Let’s be honest, it could happen anywhere in the world and social media users would make it into a laugh: spanking children being banned. Well, it’s happened in South Africa, and South Africans had a field day with it.

MC Oluomo Goes Back to School
Not really. What really happened was he was allegedly invited to speak at UNILAG, and, well, people had words. Words like, why is someone who’s known for disrupting elections (or caught on camera stating his intentions to, anyway) lent legitimacy by a higher institution? But others have said they’d love to hear him speak, so one man’s meat, we guess.

Remember when someone was contesting for governor and you’d turn your head and see his face? When was the last time you saw or heard from him?
Anyway, it rained in Lagos on Thursday morning, and everywhere stew flood! It was go-slow like no other, cars becoming boats and wading through water. So Lagos people, tired, decided to trend the hashtag #EkoMustMove. Because, really, it must.

And that’s it for this week! As usual, if we missed anything, let us know in the comment section. Have an awesome, awesome weekend. We sure will.
Photo Credit: @GbemiDennis

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