NIGERIA @61!! Happy Independence Day To Our Dear Country Nigeria – What Are Your Sincere Wishes For This Nation?


Giant of Africa is 61 today!!

Nigeria gained her independence from the British Government on October 1st, 1960. The Federal Government (FG) began to mark the day as Independence Day in 1961. The Federal Government sets the day as a work-free day to celebrate Nigeria’s Independence.

This year, Nigeria has clocked 61 and we will celebrate it, as usual, that is why the Federal Government declares Friday, 1st October as a public holiday.

As we celebrate our nation’s Independence Day, let’s remember our past leaders who lost their lives in the battle for the freedom we are enjoying today.

Every citizen should have a sense of belonging wherever they found themselves. Let all our politicians rise to the great task of building social trust between the people and the nation. By so doing, we can have peace and stability in our country. We all @ wishing everyone a happy Happy independence day celebration.”

Let’s celebrate this independence day by dropping our wishes for this country.

For me, I wish this country has leaders which put People First. Happy Independence Day Guys!!

Oya drop yours

What Are Your Sincere Wishes For This Nation?

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