Moments After They Broke Out, See What A Prisoner Was Carrying That Got People Talking (Photos)

Earlier today, news of a prison escape in Benin spread on the Internet. Since then, escape videos and photos have been uploaded by people.

In some photos, prisoners are seen on rooftops or trying to climb over the fence. While some photos and videos were taken, some prisoners fled in search of safety.

There was a video clip that caught the attention of a lot of people, causing a lot of speculation online. One prisoner noticed something that should have been in his possession, which means that the prisoner should have only been a boxer and a shirt because the Nigerian prison system does not have a uniform for all prisoners.

A photo posted by a Twitter user, shows a prisoner with a suitcase outside the prison. You heard me right. The unknown prisoner was seen carrying a bag and dressed as a person returning from a business trip.

See photos below;


According to Adnay, the only prisoner in Nigeria escapes from prison with his luggage and wears suitable clothes like the person returning from a trip.

He got people talking on social media where almost everyone thinks something is wrong. Most of the people said that the prisoners said the doors had been opened for them by the guards. While people posted videos of 2017 when some of their colleagues tried to escape from T9 but were immediately arrested by the police, law enforcement agencies have so far refused to let anything enter the prison.

See comments from people below;


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