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Lootcase – New bollywood movies 2020 | Lootcase full movie



STORY: Life takes an unexpected turn for a printing press staffer, Nandan Kumar (Kunal Kemmu), when he chances upon a briefcase filled with cash sitting on a dingy street. Seeing this as a window to a better livelihood, Nandan takes it home. But, the money is big and seekers aplenty. Will this be the end of his woes or the beginning of new sorrows?

REVIEW: A worn out tiffin hanging from his shoulder, an ungrateful workplace, a nagging wife at home and a kid who wouldn’t stop with his demands – Nandan Kumar is one of the many million faces drowning in the burden of his middle-class life. But a big, glossy red suitcase – or ‘lootcase’, as they would like to call it – comes as a glimmer of hope and he knows he would be foolish to let this one go. So, before embracing it, he makes this somewhat of a naïve announcement: “Last time poonch rahaan hoon, kiska suitcase hain?” Once Nandan realises there are no takers, off he goes! But the man is a chawl dweller and his neighbours are a bunch of noisy, pesky people. And his wife? A ‘poojari’s beti’ who wouldn’t accept this unwelcome guest although she’s always giving him grief over the family’s dire financial situation.




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