Mixed Feelings Everywhere

The Big Brother Naija Housemates didn’t see the Nomination outcome coming and they talked to Biggie about it.

The atmosphere in the House following Frodd’s Nomination choices was one of a kind and they revealed all to Biggie in the Diary Room.

On Their State Of Mind

When it came to how they felt after the Nominations, they were two camps. The Housemates who escaped Nomination and the unlucky ones. Of course, the lucky Housemates were quick to tell Biggie how happy and excited they were to make it to the finals and all of those things. In fact, Omashola declared yesterday as his happiest day in the Big Brother Naija House because he wasn’t going to stand on Sunday.

The second group, however, tried to put up a front but as a clear curtain, we saw through it. From Cindy to Elozonam to Ike, they all told Biggie how they were cool with the outcome of the Nominations. Well, let’s see if they will be cool throughout the week.

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The Unexpected Surprise

Not one, not two but five Housemates so, it was expected that the Housemates will be surprised and yes, they let Biggie know about how they felt in the Diary Room. Tacha commented that the Ultimate Veto Power was like all of Biggie’s power vested in one person. Why they might find the perks of the Ultimate VPH surprising, this tweep wondered why they were astonished by his choices.

The Nomination Deal

Omashola in his chat with Mercy and Diane told them how he made a deal with Frodd to avoid the Nomination list. This kind of black market deal only reinforces the fact that the hustle is real in the Big Brother Naija House. Omashola also told Mercy that he had the feeling that she had purchased Immunity and with this, he knew he needed to act fast.

Indeed, this Nomination has unlocked another level of heat in the Pepper Dem House and we shall see how the Housemates will handle it.

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Was It Personal?
How traumatized are the Pepper Dem Gang on Frodd’s Ultimate decision?

We expected the Pepper Dem Gang to remain shaken with the Nomination twist or should we say shock last night. This morning was no different as we had Ike, Elozonam and Omashola tell it all.

It Was Personal

Still not pleased with their names being put on the Nomination block, Ike and Elozonam had an early morning chat where they revealed their masked emotions.

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“I was comfortable with it before but I’ve just come to realize that it was a personal decision,” Elozonam said to Ike. According to Elozonam, his Replacing Venita with Frodd in his Save and Replace decision was a strategic move. In his words, he felt guilty about this and even went ahead to explain his move to Frodd to avoid hard feelings.

However, he didn’t quite understand why Frodd was so quick to Nominate him on the spot without thinking twice. “It was a personal move,” he added.

Ike who was also a victim of last night’s Ultimate twist agreed with Elozonam on this one. “He was feeling himself too much for something that was just a game of chance,” he told Elozonam.

We leave you with this question, do you think Frodd’s move was personal or are the Housemates just looking for who to blame the Nomination outcome on?

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No Ship For Dialo

Still on their conversation, Elozonam opened up to Ike about his relationship with Diane. “We won’t make it outside this House,” he revealed. It’s no news that the Dialo ship has been having problems sailing in the Pepper Dem House but we can’t seem to get why they just don’t want to make it work. Are we the only ones seeing the spark between them? No?

According to Elozonam, Diane in many ways has shown him why their relationship may not see the light of the day when they leave the House. Although he claims they’ll always remain friends, we can’t help but ask what they intend to do with the feelings they’ve confessed to each other.

Is this truly the end of the Dialo pair?

Marking Territories

Ike and Omashola talked about the masked strategies of the Pepper Dem Gang. Looking at Tacha, Omashola said Tacha woke up this morning with a strategy which seems to be working out well for her. The morning screams about ripe plantains and the “No leave, no transfer” quotes are just strategy forms to make her remain noticed in the House.

“You gotta’ put yourself out there,” Omashola said. To wrap up the conversation, Ike told Omashola that he’s going to start putting on a show and marking territories. “I won’t be as petty as Tacha, but I’ll piss everywhere to mark my territory,” he added.

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Should we expect to see the gangsta’ in full form in the next couple of days or will he not be able to live up to his promises?

Celebrating Biggie’s House
Today, the Pepper Dem Housemates were Tasked to leave their marks in the House by painting their unique graffiti on the walls.

Trust us to capture the magic fingers and well, the others…

Those That Shouldn’t Answer The Calling

For sure, Mercy, Diane and Frodd should try delving into another career; anything but drawing or painting. When they picked up their brushes and aprons with the confidence of Leonardo Da Vinci, one could have been easily fooled. In a matter of seconds, they were done with their painting and that was when we knew Biggie’s walls were in trouble.

While some wrote a whole novel, others kept it short and simple but not simple enough for us to see why painting isn’t their calling.

Think we’re exaggerating?

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Sell Yourself!

For Cindy, Mike and Seyi, this Task gave them an opportunity to plug their business platforms and personal brands. While Cindy painted her music brand on Biggie’s walls, Seyi gave us an insight into his political ambition and Mike put Aireyys in our faces so we wouldn’t miss it, even if we tried to – from the television unit to the Eviction doors, Mike sold his brand.

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The Magic Fingers

Ike, Omashola, Tacha and Elozonam kept their drawing skills away from us and we couldn’t stay mad at them for long. From Omashola’s caricature to Tacha’s painting of herself and Ike’s unique graffiti, we definitely should be getting some painting lessons from these Housemates. We found it cute that Omashola drew the faces of the Pepper Dem last ten standing.

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The Cruisetopia Pledge

Where two or more members of team Enigma are gathered, others will follow suit. This was evident in the painting Task today as we had Diane, Mercy, Elozonam, Seyi, Mike, Cindy and Ike concentrating their painting on the same side of the wall. Team goals?

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We wonder what other secret talents the Housemates are hiding from us. In the meantime, we sure love how well the Pepper Dem Gang have been able to bond in between Tasks and punishments.

Far From Home
From time to time, the Pepper Dem Gang get homesick and they leave us clues.

Even though the quest to win cash prize is enough to keep the Housemates in the House for 99 days and even longer, the Pepper Dem Gang still long for home. They put up a brave face every time, but every now and then one can tell how much they miss the place they once called home.

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From people to tangible things, Housemates shared what reminds them of Home.

The People They Love

From a wife to lovers, daughters and even exes, the Housemates reminisced about the people that make home feel like home. It’s never an easy task to be far from the people you love even the ones you once loved. Every single thought of them triggered nostalgic memories leaving them torn between their quest for the prize and running home to them. Frodd’s memory of his mum had him in tears while Seyi spent late nights starring at a picture of his girlfriend.

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The Tangible Things

It’s amazing how little things trigger nostalgic memories and remind you of a place you hold dear. From a bottle of yoghurt to music and the cars they drove, every little thing triggered thoughts of not just home, but the outside world. Most times the Housemates gathered together, they discussed fondly things they missed and were eager to get back to.

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Not all of them found it easy to adhere to the rules of the Pepper Dem House. Biggie had a handful to deal with. From disobeying rules to occasional show of insubordination, The Housemates found it difficult to adjust to the House governed by rules. Some got Strikes while some got warnings. Before you rebuke them, you have to understand it can be quite difficult for adults who come from homes where they were free to live their lives as they well pleased to cohabit with people while adhering to House rules. It took them a lot of will power and every now and then we heard them express frustration as they longed for their homes where they enjoyed the freedom to be themselves and have their way like they were used to.

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It’s perfectly okay to get homesick especially after you’ve been away for almost 99 days, but one thing though, no matter how much they missed home, none of them were in any hurry to exit the Pepper Dem House. Sunday after Sunday they nervously wished they weren’t going to be the one to leave during the Live Eviction Show.

So far, the Pepper Dem Gang have been able to keep it together and as they draw close towards the end of the season, we can only hope, the memory of the Pepper Dem House they made a home will linger in their memories just like their true homes.

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