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Cindy, Diane, Elozonam earn Strikes, The Housmates party with DJ TTB & Reekado Banks on #BBNaija Day 83



Easing The Tension

Returning from the Arena Games of superheroes and villains, the Pepper Dem settled into some good-natured gists.

Reeling from the good news that they can order items from the shopping cart, Biggie’s guests prepared to make good use of this second chance.

Seed Of The Fart

Cindy, Seyi, Omashola and Frodd didn’t hesitate to reignite their desires to get a spa treatment as soon as Biggie mentioned it was available. Seyi and Cindy planned to have theirs together while Omashola chose Mike as his spa partner. According to Cindy, she chose Seyi because she was not ready to hear “Warri”.

Having settled this, the Housemates moved on to other topics and it was during this period that Omashola dropped a loud fart. Oh, the horror of it! Immediately, Cindy told Omashola not to start a war fart with her because it will be nasty. We believe her because some of the plans she mentioned for the ‘seed of the fart’ were too gross to write about.

A Smoky Birthday Request

Still, in chilling mode, Mercy while having a discussion with Diane made a birthday request. She said if she makes it to her birthday in the House, she will like to have shisha (hookah). When Diane heard this, she quickly countered it by saying, “No Biggie, we don’t want shisha. I don’t want to go back to my old ways.” Ike, on the other hand, thought otherwise as he said, “I think we can buy shisha.” We don’t know what the Housemates are turning Biggie’s House into, making certain requests.

This tweep takes sides with Diane though.

On Fave Movies

Mention a movie and Seyi has seen it. We mean, all of it!

It all started with Mike’s question “What are your top three movies”

This simple question unloaded a movie festival and we don’t blame them since most of them have not seen a movie in months. One by one they dropped their favourite movies and we had an insight into what kind of movies they spend their free time on. Interestingly, Mercy’s favourite movies all had an element of money in it and this user noticed it.

Some things are not straightforward for Frodd and movies are part of them. Names of movies escape his memory and when he tried to describe them, he had Mike in a knot. This Twitter user noticed it.

Then Frodd mentioned his favourite movie and certain things became clearer.

The light-hearted gists and laughter were necessary as it distracted them from the tension of the Ultimate VPH.

Source: Twitter – @Siphonstar, @iam_leendah, @oliviaswiftiam, @busolaidowu, @ohh_Titi

Breaking News: Cindy, Diane And Elozonam Earn Strikes

On the subject of carelessness and disregard for the Veto Power Box, Cindy, Diane and Elozonam were issued a Strike each.

On Sunday, the Housemates were presented with the Ultimate Veto Box. Along with the Red Box came the instruction to guide, protect and watch over the box as if their stay in the House depended on it. In other news, the House was warned never to lose sight of the box, damage or lose it.

A Strike For Elozonam and Diane

As the Housemates responsible for the protection of the Red Box (following their schedule), Elozonam and Diane received a Strike each from Biggie.

They both failed to dispatch this duty by leaving the box outside the House and therefore, had to be held accountable for their deed.

1569060512 34 screenshot 2019 09 21 at 10.10.31 am

The Curious Case Of Cindy

In her case, Cindy picked the box from where it was kept, held the box and dropped it on the floor. Yet, when it was time to leave the Arena, she conveniently forgot the box. Just maybe, she should have done better and carried the box along with her to the House.

What made Biggie rather curious was that when all the chips came down, she was caught wondering who kept the box under the table. It was her all along!

For this, she was also given a Strike alongside Diane and Elozonam as she was also to be held responsible for abandoning the Red Box.

1569060706 34 screenshot 2019 09 21 at 10.08.04 am

Everyone Bears The Cross

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Biggie always keeps to his rules and for flouting them, the Housemates will be given a collective punishment. The House failed to watch over the box with a collective effort and that moment earned them a reward of Biggie’s punishment.

Fortunately, or unfortunately for them, this punishment will be issued on Monday morning. According to Biggie. the only thing that will come in between a Housemate and the punishment will be Eviction on Sunday. Well, unknown to them, this week is Eviction-free.

In addition to the punishment, Biggie banned his guests from takeaway packs when they are given treats. In essence, no more packing of food and drinks to the House and the Housemates are only allowed to eat what they can and leave the rest of the food or treats alone.

1569060737 34 screenshot 2019 09 21 at 10.13.49 am

Clearly, they can’t seem to behave themselves whenever food is involved. With Strikes involved, will the Pepper Dem Gang learn the virtue of being accountable?

A Cruise Night With DJ TTB And Reekado Banks

Get ready to be dazzled two nights in a row by DJ TTB and music crooner, Reekado Banks this weekend.

Party Sensations With TTB

With a degree in Industrial Chemistry, one would wonder why music? Undoubtedly, Tochukwu Charles Ananti’s love for music is the answer to this. Popularly known as DJ TTB, is one of Abuja’s most popular Disc Jockeys with an intention to leave a legacy in Nigeria’s entertainment industry.

From Cool FM Abuja to being an amazing MTVBase DJ, DJ TTB has warmed himself into the hearts of many. Truly, he’s the king of the airwaves, chief rocker of parties and the “night king” and you can already imagine the perfect blend of hits he’ll dish out this weekend.

1569083624 25 img 9259 1

‘Jeje’ With Reekado

Nigerian heartthrob singer and songwriter, Ayoleyi Hanniel Solomon, better known as Reekado Banks, needs no introduction to the Big Brother Naija world. We’re getting to the end of yet another amazing Big Brother Naija Season and as such, it is only right for the Season to feature one of the coolest kids in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Having launched his own label, we can’t wait to have him perform his thrilling hits during the Live Show this Sunday. The ‘Like’ crooner will sure pull us into a trance and have us on our feet dancing all night long.

1569083696 25 eaj9zbj4

The Saturday Night Party dancefloor and BB Naija stage are not even ready for what’s about to hit them. Are you ready?

Team Crunch Kick To Victory

With a wide margin of points ahead of team Munch and an exceptional foot pool win, team Crunch emerged winner of the MunchIt challenge.

The MunchIt sponsored Task had the Housemates compete in fun presentations and a foot snooker Game. With a prize of N500,000 and 500 MunchIt packs at stake, the two teams gave it their best shots. It was a refreshing moment as each team entertained us like never before.

The Challenge

The Challenge consisted of four phases, the first of which was the presentation. Team Munch stormed the stage with a rap song in a freestyle tone. With Mike and Ike as the lead rappers supported by Diane and Mercy, it was entertainment galore and we nearly wished they never stopped.

For Team Crunch, a musical drama presentation with a touch of comedy cracked us up. We were especially impressed by Frodd’s lecturer role with Seyi, Tacha and Cindy as students.

1569098987 34 screenshot 2019 09 21 at 5.15.23 pm

With team Crunch’s 460 points ahead of team Munch’s 330 points, the former has won the first part of the challenge.

The Foot Pool

Just before the second phase of the challenge, guess who showed up? Patoranking. It was a big surprise when the Pepper Dem saw the award-winning music artiste come in. The looks on their faces showed how excited they were for the legendary visit.

1569099035 34 screenshot 2019 09 21 at 7.43.17 pm

Then the Game Kicked off. This Game had the Housemates kick a ball into the holes as in a game of snooker. We know it’s a competition but the Pepper Dem Gang were too serious with the Game at first until Biggie reminded them of the essence of the Game – to have much fun. Despite this, Mercy didn’t like Frodd’s comment. “Frodd, what will you be remembered for? Talking,” she said.

Mike’s Drama

Mike, who saw the opportunity of a win when team Crunch kicked the black ball, snatched the ball. Though he appeared to take it lightly (the way he held the ball running around the Arena was funny), he really was serious about it. Biggie had to come in to settle the issue and in the end, Seyi and Mike were left in as the teams’ representatives while the other Housemates left the spot.

1569099064 34 screenshot 2019 09 21 at 8.52.44 pm

The Winner

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After a determined back and forth play, Seyi kicked the black ball in. With that, Seyi has emerged the winner of the Game. With this, team Crunch has earned an extra 100 points. With a total of 560 points, team crunch goes away with N500,000 and 100 packs of MunchIt for each member. Congratulations guys!

1569099137 34 screenshot 2019 09 21 at 9.08.57 pm

With Tacha, Seyi, Cindy and Frodd winning the MunchIt challenge, we definitely are in for a show at tonight’s Party. Is there a better way to celebrate such a gallant win?

Biggie’s Corner: Biggie’s Savage Moments

You think the Pepper Dem Gang are savages? They merely adopted the savagery. Biggie was born in it, moulded by it…

You are probably wondering why Biggie ever needed to go savage on the Housemates. No reason really. He is Biggie, this is House and he can do and say as he pleases. In all fairness though, he has been quite the benevolent Big Brother. Fond of giving out treats, granting Housemates their requests and offering sound advice just because that’s who he is – the ever-doting Big Brother. 

But like all Big Brothers, there comes a time when they get crossed and they go from being the loving one to the mean one. Biggie isn’t too different and every time he has gone from being the Big Brother to the mean one, it has been nothing short of savage. It’s never been his fault for going savage. Have you met the Pepper Dem Gang? They specialise in pushing buttons till they come off. They are not only serving each other and we included pepper; for some reason, they got it into their heads that they should serve Biggie some too. Wrong move dears. Wrong move! They picked on the wrong candidate. 

Whether in the Diary Room, during Wager Task presentation or Friday Night Arena Games, Biggie has never hesitated to hand their asses to them in the most savage of manners.

The Curious Case of Nelsioma

Before Nelson got Evicted, he was able to introduce his alter ego to the world – a lady with blond hair, thick black beard, broad shoulders and a raspy voice. We called her Nelsioma. So daring was this lady that she strutted around the House like she owned it. She even took it further and matched into the Diary Room to get acquainted with Biggie. A bemused Biggie found her entertaining, but he didn’t let her leave without a savage remark. “Oh Nelson, if you want to go blond, go all the way,” he said, referring to the thick black beard she had on.

1569090957 56 screenshot 2019 09 18 at 2.48.47 pm

The Greedy Wish Maker

The benevolent Biggie decided to ask the Housemates to make a wish for something they’d like and of course, they all made outlandish requests, but one particular Housemate stood out. Not only did Seyi test Biggies limit by asking for the Head of House position for four weeks straight, he was eager to go on with his demands when Biggie asked if he would like two more wishes. To which Biggie replied to his utter dismay, “surely you aren’t taking this seriously?”

1569091009 56 screenshot 2019 09 18 at 2.48.37 pm

Biggie’s savage responses don’t end in the Diary Room. The Arena Games is one of his favourite events to dish out the meanest of Savage responses and no one is spared. 

“You get a savage response.”

“You get a savage response.”

“Everybody gets a savage response.”

What Are Those!!!!!

It was one of those “What are those?!” moments when Biggie took time out to pick on Frodd’s choice of shoes for the Friday Night Arena Games. Although he called them “Nice shoes”, it wasn’t hard to tell he meant the complete opposite. Frodd did take it well. What was he going to do? Fight Biggie?

1568819944 56 video to gif 58

Getting Clowned

What better time to clown the Housemates than when they are dressed as clowns? It was too good a moment to pass by. 

“Let’s discuss the monstrosity you all are wearing. Diane… Esther, would you like to point out what horrid Housemates are responsible for your looks.”

What really made it more amusing was the Housemates responsible spent hours painting those faces and they thought they good job. Way to burst their bubbles, Biggie.

1568820551 56 my post 3

Act of Savage

What was supposed to be a week for the act of kindness and fun soon turned into one of savagery and the Pepper Dem gang were entirely to blame. 

“…You seem to have spent the rest of the week a little bit selfish with endless bickering and fights. Interesting way to spend the week named act of kindness and fun,” Biggie said to the Housemates.

That act ended up costing them three personal items and 20 Bet9ja coins to participate in the Arena Games.

Some For The Ninjas

Even the Big Brother’s Ninjas weren’t exempted from Biggie’s savagery.

First, it was the Ninja who wasn’t sure if he was holding up a ‘7’ or ‘L’, to which Biggie savagely replied, “It doesn’t matter if it’s a 7 or an L, it’s incorrect. 

Then there was the Ninja who was asked to demonstrate a task for the Friday Night Arena Games but ended up struggling with it. Something Biggie frowned upon and didn’t hesitate to let him know.

“Ninja, you are making us all look bad.”

He wasn’t just done yet; he threw in another. 

“Apparently, the Housemates aren’t the only people who need target practice”

Poor Ninjas. It wasn’t just their day.

1568820621 56 my post 4

We could go on for days about how Biggie dished out the savage bites to the Housemates, but the way things are, we fear we might be his next target and we very much don’t want to be on Biggie’s savage radar.

Check Out Some of Biggie’s Savage Moments

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Biggie’s Corner: The Jinx Of The First Attempt

There is a superstitious rumour going round the Pepper Dem House. No one that attempts the Games first wins.

Not everyone believes in superstitions, but when situations that back up a certain unusual occurrence begin to rise, you start to pay attention and question everything you believe or in this case, don’t believe. A certain situation that gave rise to superstitious beliefs is the curious case of how the first Housemate/Team that takes on challenges never wins. Over and over again, Housemates competed against one another and for some reason the first contestant/team was always unlucky. The fact that this scenario kept repeating itself made it quite believable that there was a jinx in the House.

1569094458 56 ben 3457

The Birth of the Jinx.

It all started at the first Bet9ja Friday Arena Games where the white team made up of Khafi, Jeff, Ella, Frodd, Avala, Ike and Mike were the first to lose in a major challenge. This loss gave birth to the jinx of the first try. This jinx partly saw to the early exit of Isilomo and Avala. They probably would still be in the House if their team had won and they had amassed enough Bet 9ja Coins to keep them from Eviction.

Giving Credence to the Jinx Rumour

If Housemates weren’t convinced about the existence of a jinx, the next couple of Friday Arena Games ended up giving them all the proof they needed to believe. The next victim was Omashola. Finishing the fantasy challenge in 1 minute, 35 seconds had him feeling on top of the world until Sir Dee and Mike came to clear his record in 45 and 44 seconds respectively.

Resident Gangsta, Ike wasn’t immune to the jinx either. Enduring the pain of watching Seyi and Omashola clear his 1 minute, 44 seconds record in 50 and 43 seconds in the circus challenge, the reality of the jinx soon dawned on him. Mike was also a victim of the jinx that saw him losing out in the football challenge.

With every Friday Arena Game, the jinx gained credibility and Housemates dreaded going first for any Challenge. Quite recently, Frodd was a victim of this jinx. He knew right from the moment Biggie called him up to go first at the ancient Egypt challenge that something was going to go wrong and he was right. Not only did he fail to complete the Task early, but he also got an additional 30 seconds added to his finish time for flouting the rules of the game.

1569098783 56 my post  1

A Rationale Explanation

Quite often, we tend to categorise things we have no explanation for as supernatural, but what if in this case, it isn’t. What if it’s just a case of the Housemates learning from the first Housemate that undertakes the challenge and learns not to repeat his/her mistake? What if it’s a case of the Housemates using the first Housemate’s score as a benchmark for theirs? Answers to these questions could give a rational explanation as to why the Housemate/Team that goes first during competitions often loses.

Although we won’t be quick to categorize this as a superstition, it did get us asking questions. Was it really an unusual occurrence worth building conspiracy theories on or another random case? Either way, the seed of this superstitious belief has already been sown, let’s see how far it will grow.

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